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Our students are making headlines, and we want to share all the great news with you. We will keep this page updated with important announcements, news stories, and student shout outs. Please check in often and help us celebrate our students’ many achievements.

    Prepare Your Child for the Start of the New Year

    As a parent or caregiver, your child's academic achievement depends on your role in preparing your child for school. You can ensure your child's success in learning and life by getting involved early in your child's education. Communication between parent and child is crucial. Your connections to the school and his or her friends will help your child adjust to school. Here are some ideas to help prepare your child for the upcoming year:

    • Let your child know what the schedule will be like. Include what time school begins and ends each day.
    • Ask your child about his/her feelings -- both the excitement and the concerns for the first day of school.
    • Visit the school with your child to see the classroom and meet his or her new teacher before school officially starts.
    • Point out the positive aspects of starting school. It will be fun and he or she can make new friends.
    • Let your child know that all kids are nervous about the first day of school.
    • Leave a note in your child's lunchbox.
    • Reassure your child that if any problems arise at school, you will be there to help resolve them.
    • Try to have your child meet a classmate before the first day of school.
    • Arrange for your child to walk to school or ride together on the bus with another child in the neighborhood.
    • Find out about after-school activities that your child can join.
    • Please be sure to update all contact information for your child.